I’m Kristen, or Kris for short - the coffee-loving, candle burning, brand strategist running KFDS. I work with creatives to develop their core set of brand emotions, intricately defining their brand, and then weave those beautiful brand emotions into every touch point of their company. This means logo design, product labels, branded print materials, branded photography, copy in your brand voice, and website design!

I believe in thoughtful design, a concept I developed after working with many clients who had pretty content, but lacked a defined set of emotions and a “why” behind their brand. I work closely with clients to ensure that every design produced, photo taken, and web page created is thoughtful, consistent, and flows smoothly to truly represent their brand - all while providing marketing explanations for the reason why producing content in a certain manner can add value to their brand.

I absolutely love meeting new creatives, hearing your beautiful stories, & seeing how we can make that beautiful story translate into design!


I love a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, am totally obsessed with “The Magicians”, am mildly funny only to my fiancé (because let’s face it, total introvert here), and my ideal Friday night is definitely staying in with a fun date I made up on a whim.

xo, Kristen

The Favs

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Good Mad

White Mochas

Video Games



Impractical Jokers

All things Disney

Baking & Cooking

Murder Mystery Parties

The Biltmore Estate

Quirky Coffee Shops

Comfy Sweaters

Pretty Pencils

All the fun facts...


Quentin Coldwater

Not only is The Magicians one of my all time favorite TV shows (the books are an insanely beautiful literary journey too!), but the main character Quentin is also the name of the main font in my logo and is 100% the reason why I picked it! Any other Magicians fans out there?!



My love. He ran into my mom's arms as a baby when she was feeding the neighborhood cats. He was starving and tiny and so surprisingly trusting of humans. He spent most of his early days sleeping on my chest and is still quite the cuddler to this day. We have the most beautiful relationship, I'm truly his mommy and he's truly my baby.


Extra Sharp

Although you'll never know it just by looking, that camera in the photo above isn't a camera at all, but is actually my pencil sharpener! And let me tell you it's the BEST! When I worked in a corporate job I was known as the girl who went to the front to sharpen her pencils every morning and I'm still that way. Are we hopping on a call? You better believe I just sharpened like three pencils in this little guy!


Fresh Basil

I almost ALWAYS have a candle burning on my desk every afternoon. It calms me, instantly makes the studio ten times cozier, and helps me dive straight into work. My absolute favorite scent in the world is fresh basil, but since I have a black thumb (my fiancé's bought me plenty of them and they end up just wilting over and dying), I opt for basil scented candles instead!

The KFDS Team


My partner in life & in business, KFDS would simply stop running without him! He's not only the one making everyone laugh & being incredibly supportive, but jumps into any job needed. He's often a photographer, an on the spot stylist, the proofreader combing through your site before your launch, and the one delivering all of your packages to USPS!


The Models

Edited (42 of 55).jpg

Susel & Anna

Brought onto the team in the Fall of 2017, Anna & Susel are our two gorgeous models! They both speak fluent Portuguese, are studying in college, and absolutely love modeling at the studio!

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